Roaming has an end

Make calls in over 180 countries at attractive rates, write or receive SMS and use data services as though you have a domestic mobile contract.

Tariffs for all EU-countries and a lot of other countries are € 0.09 for telephony, € 0.059 for SMS and € 0.09 for 1 MB data usage.

Automatic and seamless

The NAKA SIM card connects subscribers to the most convenient network provider in each country without a requirement to switch SIMs or alter phone settings. The network change is effected fully automatic. You even do not need to exchange the SIM card.

The SIM card works in all leading handsets and tablets with SIM card slot (not SIM-locked) and is provided in a 3-in-1 format (standard, micro and nano).

All with one SIM
on one device

The NAKA SIM card offers cost efficient mobile communication at home or abroad. Calling, texting or surfing all with attractive prepaid prices and packages.

No more surprising

Keep control of costs at all times. Using our app or via a browser subscribers can easily monitor all activities. A user’s personal "MyAccount" can be personalised with numerous options.


What is the cost for a call?

Easy to set up

Register online

Open a browser and enter the weblink printed on your NAKA SIM card. Register online by entering the SIM card ICCID and the PUK code. Then choose any mobile phone number from the available countries.