The evolution of paying

The NAKA prepaid Credit Card in combination with the e-Wallet is an optimal solution for all your money transfers, whether you're paying bills, making online purchases or shopping, transfering funds to family members and friends. In addition the card manages all of your loyalty cards in an easy and clearly arranged way.

Contactless money transfer

When paying you simply hold your smartphone in front of an NFC reader at the point of sale. Your data will be encrypted transferred via radio communication. That’s all.

In addition to NFC we offer contactless money transfer via Bluetooth and QR codes.

Full control of all your finances

By using your app or your “MyAccount” you always have the overview of all your incoming and outgoing payments as well as your balance.
All payments can be secured by an additional PIN code.
Transfer money just like sending a text message to other e-Wallet users - without exchange of bank data.
The prepaid Credit Card provides security for your expenses and allows cashless travelling and shopping without risk.

All in one app

Our app is a user friendly central administration tool that puts all of your settings and activities from your SIM card, your e-Wallet and your prepaid Credit Card in one place and under your control.