The prepaid Credit Card
Cashless payments

The prepaid Credit Card from MasterCard allows cashless and convenient payments online and through more than 36 million MasterCard points of acceptance and money collection at more than 1.4 million cash dispensers (ATMs) worldwide.

Maximum security

The prepaid Credit Card offers maximum security. All transactions are encrypted and access to the card is subject to additional security measures. Privacy and protection of your personal data is of highest priority for us.

Quickest international transfer of money

The prepaid Credit Card is the ideal instrument to manage your funds, to transfer or receive funds and to do secure online purchases. This card combines all of the advantages of a flexible prepaid Credit Card with the benefit of a “bank account” in your wallet.

Financial means for family members and employees

Whether the card is being used to financially equip family members who are travelling or spending time abroad, or for employees who are on a business trip and need the means to settle a hotel- or travel expenses, the card is equally helpful.